Strategy 290 - Business Strategy (Winter 2016)

  • Role: Instructor
  • University of Michigan, Sophomore BBA core course with 86 students
  • Strategy 290 is a core course required for sophomore BBA students at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. This course develops concepts and analytic techniques for creating sustainable advantage in difficult competitive environments. Students are challenged with a variety of activities that include group projects, case analysis and live discussions in order to help them understand how to define the scope of a firm's activities that result in better performance and what allows the firm to carry out those activities better than its competitors.  
  • Selected comments from teaching evaluation: 

"My professor did an incredible job with presenting the material and facilitating the class. Even though it's a lot to take in, she provided great insight and great examples every week. I will definitely choose her as a professor for another class if I have the opportunity."

"I really liked Sara Ryoo a lot! Strategy can be an intimidating class, but Sara created a comfortable environment where we could all share our opinions."

"Sara Ryoo is one of the nicest professors I have ever had. She is extremely patient and willing to put in extra time to help students"

"I really enjoyed how Sara incorporated interesting case studies each of her lessons. I thought it was a really interesting way to learn about Strategy and it made the class a lot more interesting"

"Sara Ryoo is AMAZING! The class was very engaging as well as intellectually stimulating."

"Sara did an excellent job teaching her students about strategy. She was always willing to make time to meet with her students and always answered emails one hour within receipt. She always asked questions to the class that allowed for positive class participation and willingness from all students to participate. I would take any class taught by her!"

"Very understanding Professor who goes to great lengths to understand her students' learning difficulties so that she can accommodate them."

"Sara is a really great instructor! The class flows well and everything was great."

Strategy 390 - Corporate Strategy (Fall 2013)

  • Role: Instructor
  • University of Michigan, Senior BBA core course with 74 students
  • Strategy 390 is an advanced level core course required for senior BBA students at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. This course covers the main concepts that are essential to the understanding of business- and corporate level strategy. It is designed in a fashion where a variety of learning mechanisms are used including lectures, case analysis, live discussions, presentations, exams, and a semester long group project that analyzes industry structure and corporate strategy in order to allow students to identify opportunities and strengths that companies face and propose sound solutions to these issues.    

GS Executive Program - Corporate Strategy (Summer 2012)

  • Role: Teaching Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant for Aneel Karnani
  • Executive education program for GS Group