I am a Ph.D candidate in Strategy at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. 

My research focuses on the mechanisms of organizational learning and its impact on firm strategy and performance. In particular, I am interested in how industry competition and environmental changes influence a firm's decision-making on market expansions and the efficacy of inter- and intra-organizational knowledge spillover. The majority of my research relies on empirical findings from the U.S. banking industry.

I have taught corporate strategy courses to a diverse group of students that include college BBAs and executive managers. You can find more information on my teaching experience by following the above links.   

Prior to joining the doctoral program, I worked in the industry for a couple years at a full time position both for HSBC Treasury Finance and for McKinsey & Company, Seoul Office.

For more information on my research and other work, please refer to the above links or contact me at sararyoo@umich.edu.